hands open holding letters that spell LGBTQ

Associated Faculty: Minjeong Kim

Office: NH-207 | Phone: (619) 594-5463 | Email: [email protected]

Minjeong KimMinjeong Kim's main research deals with gender relations in immigrant families. Her ongoing project examines Filipina marriage migrants in South Korea and their citizenship experiences in the host state. Here, she incorporates queer perspectives to point out heteronormativity in international marriage. Her latest paper juxtaposes South Korean state policies for marriage migrants and discourses surrounding them with the marriage equality movements in the United States. Drawing on the works by queer theories such as Jasbir Puar and Lisa Duggan, she discuss that in both cases, the movement that advocates one group's rights can contribute to political discourses that undermine other groups/inequalities. For her future project, she hopes to study more about LGBT migrants in South Korea and other East Asian countries.