hands open holding letters that spell LGBTQ

Associated Faculty: Arianne E. Miller

Office: NE-182 | Phone: (619) 594-4626 | Email: [email protected]

Arianne MillerArianne E. Miller is an Assistant Professor of Counseling and School Psychology and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with specialties in Multicultural and LGBTQ Psychology, Adolescence, and Eating Disorders. Dr. Miller is interested in identifying and removing obstacles that prevent individuals and communities from engaging in self-care practices that contribute to overall health and well-being. With regard to LGBTQ studies, she seeks to make visible the ways gender and sexual orientation are frequently conflated in research and everyday life, as well as the ways in which race and gender are often made invisible in the context of sexual orientation. She is currently working on a paper that examines recent trends in empirical studies that address the phenomenon known as “Gaydar.”

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